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Someone Please Help ME!!!!!

I don't know where to begin with my situation nor how much I should type to stress the need that I am in.   I have been living in my apartment going on 6yrs. I recently lost my 2yr job back in January. Since then I have been job hunting with zero luck. My rent is 1163.00 a month. My mother has been helping me as much as she can. I have sold any and eveything in my apartment as well. Now some may say I need to just down grade and move out since I am no longer working. But that takes money as well. So I rather just try my hardest to keep what I have. I have FAITH God will bring me through.

Out of the 6yrs I have been living here they have never had to file eviction on me til this month. I am very scared because I have no idea what is next for me. No, I don't have any kids nor no really sad story to tell. I have been truly blessed and have been able to substain my current situation very well. I am just looking for help from someone that can understand my current situation and know I will pay them back as soon as I get on my feet.

Sometimes in life we all hit rock bottom to where we need a helping hand, this is my time. I promise to God and myself once I am out of this I will always be that helping hand every month to 1 person in need.

I am in need of 1600.00 that's past due rent, late fees, court fees. And please note any amount you can help me with is greatly appreciated I dont care if its only 1.00 that gives me hope there are good people out there. Feel free to call or email me if you can help. thanks 404.808.2948 



Talk to tw089240